Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ruffa Mae Quinto and Her Massive Boobs Exposed!!!

I don’t know why movie producers feel compelled to give these actress chicks a voice, as if the public cares to hear from them, when all we want to do is look at them.

Because the second I hear these bitches talk, I instantly hate them and their pudgy retard face. It’s like their sex appeal disappears. Then I start thinking if I was actually to fuck this cunt, I’d have to listen to her talk, making jerking off to her tits more stressful than it should be. Especially since it’s hard enough dealing with the fact that she’s gonna end up fat.

Just keep them doing what they were hired to do: posing like idiots half naked for a camera so we can imagine they are whoever we want them to be, instead of listening to them talk and making us hate them and everything they represent.

Bring the focus back to her disproportionate tits, fuckers!

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