Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Danica Thrall is Pretty in Pink with Perfect Titties

I have been having stupid computer problems, which was expected because I am not good at this whole computer thing. I posted the same paragraph more than once in a post and I am feeling so embarrassed by my unprofessionalism.

I was looking at other sites today and realized they are all quite a bit nicer than mine. I guess I am not too upset about that because I have been dealing with seeing guys with hotter wives than mine for way too many years—you get used to it when you stop giving a shit about things.

In an unrelated story, I guess the highlight of my day was seeing a 90-pound stripper I recognized from the strip club I go to, with her tits busting out of her shirt and she pushed her baby stroller down the sidewalk—look at me breaking stories like I was Perez Hilton. If people actually gave a fuck about this whore, I’d be a moneymaking sleuth like that fat Kelly Clarkson looking homo.

That said, here is Danica Thrall and her impressive jugs on display for our fapping pleasure. Enjoy, sluts!

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