Monday, August 13, 2012

Jahziel Manabat’s Bangin’ Bikini Body

I spent the better part of last night drinking with a fat toothless woman who smelled like shit while on one of those motorized scooters for old and sick people. She was a lot of fun and tried to show me how she dances in her motorized scooter, which you wouldn’t think was labor intensive, but she was sweating her face off and out of breath…probably because she is dying.

It was a fucking dive, there were 15-year-old girls there trying to get free drinks for a pussy flash, old men were going along with it, but I wasn’t down with helping them become what we all know they are going to become if they aren’t already. I guess I only like them when they’re already broken in…already damaged…well on their way to a horrible path of self-destruction and degradation. But I don’t like encouraging these bitches. I’m a hero.

Jahziel Manabat and her hot body in a bikini is giving me a boner the size of Texas. Pass the tissue, sluts!

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