Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kim Kardashian Playboy Outtakes from 2007

Kim Kardashian gets that TITS GET HITS and that is why she, or to be more exact, her staff POSTED THESE ON HER BLOG SHE DOESN’T WRITE.

These pictures are from 2007 when she was slimmer than she is now, but still fat as fuck, because that’s kinda her thing…and the reason black guys love her enough to film sex tapes with her to propel her career like she was Paris Hilton, only to be forgotten as a pornstar and embraced as the devil reality TV star…evil…especially if you try to stare into here belly button too long—all saggy, over-sized and hanging over her outfit that she’s probably aggressively taped into. That shit can’t be human.

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