Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kim Kardashian’s Tank Ass in a Bathing Suit

The ridiculous thing about all this Kim Kardashian pic is that you know she’s a brand, and that like any brand, she has a team of people, including a staff photographer and digital re-toucher to try to scale back her overeating and shaping it into a way that makes it desirable to black men who are genetically coded to want fat ass and titties on a bitch, because it speaks to them on a DNA level, going back to prehistoric times, choosing the bitch who allows them to fight famine and breastfeed their children, hence keeping the tribe alive…but I just see a pig on all fronts, gluttonous and disgusting, ruining kids everywhere as a false idol, who makes me hope religion exists so she is punished for her un-Christian crimes.

In the meantime, her latest publicity stunt is working on marrying Kanye West. This shit never ends…but it should…in fiery chaos.

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