Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lusty Lawyer Sophie Turner Bikini Ass for Twitter

Sophie Turner is my kind of lawyer. You know, the kind who wishes she was a bikini model so badly that instead of practicing law, she runs around taking pics of herself in bikinis, hoping that one may stick, and that the low-level, bottom-feeding fame she has will pay off for her and will make her the next big thing, never realizing she’s pushing 30 and the more lucrative option is to practice law and be the hot lawyer rich guys want to fuck while going through their divorces, leading to all kind of gold-digging opportunities. 

That’s far better than posting shitty pics for losers who follow her on Twitter to jerk off to. I hate seeing misguided pussy that fixates on trying to be the next hot thing, instead of using their brains…no, wait…I hate seeing hot pussy use their brains. Keep the half-naked coming, bitch.

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