Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nickelback Sucks, Part 1: So This is What its Come To, George Costanza?

Jason Alexander has that syndicated “Seinfeld” money, so if he really wanted to, he could spend his entire days lounging by his pool with a white wine spritzer in his hand and that poodle’s ass he calls a toupee sitting on the chair to next him. That is the life.

But I guess Jason wants to stay out there and keep humping that spotlight, because here he is as a coffee barista in a Nickelback (a.k.a. THE WORST BAND EVER) video. Yes, George from “Seinfeld” as a coffee barista in a Nicklefuckingback video. It is such a piece of random shit that you just have to laugh at it for being a piece of random shit.

Brooke Burns from “North Shore” (yes, I watched “North Shore”) is in this mess too and she just adds another layer of foolery by giving Jason a latte foam facial and rolling around in a bed of coffee beans. This is what it would look like if one of my favorite videos, The Cars’ “You Might Think,” took a long bath in coffee sludge and cold shit.

If somebody ever asks you what the initials WTF stand for, just show them this awful wreck. This is WTF’s official orientation video.

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