Friday, September 7, 2012

Chynna Ortaleza Sluts Out for Pump Magazine

Before today, I had no idea who Chynna Ortaleza was. I just assumed she was some teen nobody who got famous because she was handicapped. You know, a retard or mongoloid if you’re into vintage throwback terms for waterheads. Not that there’s anything wrong with being handicapped.

I figure if you have Downs Syndrome, you might as well exploit it, because when you’re famous, your Downs doesn’t seem to matter as much, as groupies are still willing to suck you off. Just look at Mini Me as a Special Olympics idol. Dude gets pussy that would never fuck him pre-celebrity, because girls are whores and drawn to status even if that status comes with things that society deems freakish or abnormal.

That said, Chynna Ortaleza is not a handicap teen. She’s actually already in her 20s, and she’s slutting it up for some shitty magazine. 

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