Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nicole Kidman is Sexy and Confusing in V Magazine

I have no idea how these pics are of Nicole Kidman. I figure there must be another Nicole Kidman out there, because the Nicole Kidman I know is some washed up, relatively monster-looking bitch who was once trapped by Tom Cruise. She has never been hot, never turned me on even in nude scenes in movies even when I hadn’t jerked off that day.

I am thinking it is a typo, or the magazine is lying, because this version has absolutely no similarities to Nicole Kidman. Even if her own mother saw this shit, she’d have no idea who this was. V Magazine is just that good.

I am so torn! I feel so lied to. I don’t get all. I keep looking back, feeling so confused, scared, and alone. Is the world what I think it is? Or have I been wrong about everything? I think I should go kill myself now...while looking at Nicole Kidman’s nipples.

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