Friday, October 5, 2012

“Glee” Star Lea Michele Topless


The first and only time I watched “Glee,” I thought Lea Michele was a man—either born a man and on hormone therapy...or post op. I just had a feeling that she came with testicles at one point in her life.

I figured that she fit in with the show’s overly politically correct concept that in itself is racist and not gay-friendly. When you have one fat black chick, one kid in a wheel chair, one gay jock, it’s almost like a satire or improv group mocking the ethnic, disabled, and sexually defective.

Then I found out she wasn’t a tranny, but in fact is just an ugly girl that the show’s producers are using to let all the ugly girls around the world feel comfortable and secure when watching her, instead of featuring a babe as the main character. The whole thing confuses me, but not as much as this shit she’s trying to get sexy for...but I’ll still look at it.

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