Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Top 5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie


Comics are king. Or at least, that’s what the box office shows. The two biggest films of the year were “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” both based on comics. Only “The Hunger Game” kept “The Amazing Spider-Man” from rounding out the yearly box-office podium.

Naturally, with this box office success comes more movies of the same genre. Marvel has been cranking out two films a year for the last few years, with talks of possibly upping to three a year, and has experienced massive success with almost all of them. They also recently announced their plans through the end of 2014 which include a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and an Ant-Man movie.

Fans will certainly be happy to see both of those comic adaptations hit the big screen, but what comes after that? Many quality characters are still without their own live-action film. In order to ease Marvel’s decision-making process, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Marvel characters who deserve their own film.

5. Iron Fist
If Bruce Lee and Superman made sweet immaculate love, their offspring would be Iron Fist. Carrying the eternal spirit of the Dragon Fist, the power has been passed down from warrior to warrior throughout the ages. If Iron Fist was made into a movie, it could span several time periods like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”  The fight scenes would be a thing of beauty.

4. Dr. Strange
The sorcerer supreme is the master of all forms of magic in this world and the next. His origins center on him as a cocky brilliant doctor who loses his skill as a surgeon during a car accident. During his quest to recover, he comes upon a sacred temple where he learns the secret arts of sorcery. The movie could play out as gothic action, full of crazy effects like a Harry Potter movie mixed with the cocky bravado of a Tony Stark.

3. Deadpool
Fans love a good anti-hero, and there may be none better than Deadpool. There may not be a new comic book character more celebrated and more loved than the merc with a mouth. With some awesome regen-powers and quicker quips than Spidey himself, it’s an absolute shame a Deadpool movie hasn’t happened yet.

2. Venom
Venom is definitely a fan favorite. No Spider-Man villain is as loved among comic book fans as the symbiote-fueled Eddie Brock, so Marvel needs to go out and find an Eddie Brock with the physical stature to make him an intimidating foe (sorry Topher Grace).

1. Silver Surfer
While he did have some screen time in a Fantastic Four film, it would be best for everyone involved to just forget those Fantastic Four movies ever happened. A true origin story of the Silver Surfer telling his life on his old planet and being forced to become the herald for the planet-eating Galactus in a bid to save his own planet from destruction would lead to an epic story of regret, love, and intergalactic conflict.

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